ECG Interpretation YARDCARD

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This YARDCARD is the perfect companion whether you're learning to read ECGs or you know your stuff but want a quick reference guide.

It follows a systematic, structured approach to reading ECGs - first looking at rate, rhythm and axis then looking at the individual components of the ECG in order.

It's designed to have only the most high-yield information on the card.

It contains information on important topics like ST-elevation myocardial infarction (including a handy diagram on which leads correspond to which parts of the heart), heart blocks, bundle branch blocks, QT interval prolongation, axis deviation, and T wave abnormalities.

📐 It has a ruler that you can use on the ECG trace, lining it up to components of the ECG or measuring between complexes to get an accurate reading. 1 cm = 0.2 seconds 📐

⏱ There's a rate tool on the back of the card, which can be lined up to two 'R' waves on a regular ECG. The number that the second 'R' aligns with is an estimate of the rate (based on the formula that rate = 300/R-R interval in cm). ⏱

🫀 There is a section on the card showing what each component and interval on the ECG means physiologically, so that you can relate what's going on on the ECG trace to what's going on physiologically in the heart! 🫀

This card is exactly the same size as a standard ID card and has a glossy finish to protect against spills and wear and tear. We promise it isn't tachy! Attach it to your lanyard or put it in your pocket and have this info to hand at a glance.

Disclaimer: these cards are for educational purposes only and are never to be used for clinical decision making. 

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