Bundle Deal (Bloods, ECG, NEWS2, GCS/SBAR)

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All 4 cards of our cards for a discount price! 

£0.97 of each purchase will go to Himmah Food Bank as a virtual food donation using the website https://himmah.wowcommerce.co.uk/

Himmah is a grass roots community-based initiative tackle poverty, mental wellbeing, racism and social exclusion. Himmah do this through a combination of service provision, campaigning work, arts and education work and collaboration with individuals, communities and organisations.

Himmah has worked incredibly hard to deliver hot meals and culturally appropriate food parcels to vulnerable, isolated and elderly people during the lockdown, particularly as the demand on local services has grown since lockdown first began.

APRIL 2021


Food Parcel Single Person x 3


Chicken Noodles x 5

Subtotal £31.10(Inc. VAT)
Total: £31.10

MARCH 2021

Food Parcel BAME Family x 1 £12.00
Lentils 1Kg x 3


Lentils 1Kg x 20 £13.00
Food Parcel BAME Single x 1 £8.50
Instant Mash Potato x 30 £8.40


Food Parcel BAME Family 2 £24.00


Food Parcel Single Person 2 £20.00
Chicken and Sweetcorn Micro Rice 2 £0.98
Chicken Noodles 1 £0.22