Vascular Anatomy Flashcards (PDF)

Vascular Anatomy Flashcards (PDF)

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This contains a complete set of Vascular Anatomy flashcards. 


They are handmade by me, and suited to medical students or others training in a healthcare profession (eg. nursing, paramedics, PA etc). 


What's included? 

These are a set of digital notes that you can download and recreate a set of 12 flashcards with. This set is focused on vascular anatomy: 


1. principle arteries (diagram)

2. thoracic aorta (overview)

3. thoracic aorta (arch)

4. thoracic aorta (descending)

5. intercostal arteries & veins

6. abdominal aorta

7. principle veins (diagram)

8. azygous venous system

9. azygous venous system (diagram)

10. superior vena cava

11. inferior vena cava

12. hepatic portal venous system 


This is a digital download pack in PDF form. If you are printing the cards, for best quality I recommend using thick white paper or card and laminating for protection. 



-unfortunately due to the nature of this product, refunds are not accepted, but if you are unhappy please do not hesitate to contact me  

-all the content of the notes is my own work, collating information from relevant lectures, textbooks and online resources (you can follow me at @j.flashcards for more flashcards inspo and medical school content!) 

-any mistakes in the notes are my own 

-if you have any questions, please feel free to email me 


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-my Instagram account is @j.flashcards 

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I really hope you find these notes helpful for your revision! I welcome any feedback you have for me.