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The medico lifestyle marketplace is a curated collection of items created by independent vendors. Our unique vendors are all hand picked to serve our community and create things we all need or love!

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How does it work?

If you want to sell on our marketplace you can set up your own online market stall in just a few simple steps. Once the Medico Lifestyle team have had a look at what you have to offer you will be up and running and selling to our community in a matter of moments. Log into your own marketplace page, view your orders and payments and support charities while you do it!

How it works


Setting up and managing a store is easy but if you do have any issues we are always on hand to offer support.


We are commited to supporting charities that our community supports through our marketplace.


We support secure payments through all major methods including Apple Pay. All transaction costs are included simply in our 15% commission.


“Through Medico, I’ve been able to share my handmade pins and the community is so lovely and supportive.”

Georgia Pinkton


At Medico Lifestyle we are passionate about keeping the costs to our vendors down. We want to encourage you to set up a store but don’t believe you should have to pay to do so. Why should you pay for something before you’ve tried it?

With no set up costs and an overall commission fee of just 15%. No hidden fees or additional transaction costs.

This is overall 50% cheaper than one of the leading market place websites. We want to your business to be a success.


By listing your products on our market place you are accessing a unique customer base of health care people who are looking for exactly what you are selling. As well as making money for yourself and building your successful side hustle each sale is also donating to one of our community charities.

You will also be supporting our community by helping to keep all of our educational content and podcast entirely free which goes a long way to widening access to healthcare careers.

You will also benefit from the opportunity to be featured as a vendor on our social media for no additional cost to you. We want all of our vendors to be successful and feel a part of the Medico Lifestyle community. You will also receive our newsletter specifically for vendors giving you tips for selling and keeping you up to date about any upgrades to the site.


We do not have specific requirements for what is eligible to be sold on our website. If you feel like you are part of our community of healthcare people or you are selling something unique you think would have a place here then we would love to see it!